Thank you for another wonderful citrus season. We will be open and begin harvesting again in late October. We look forward to serving you again in the fall. From our family to yours, wishing you a wonderful summer!

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Indian River Citrus

The Finest Citrus in the World Guaranteed Fresh,
Guaranteed to Please! Indian River Citrus is SIMPLY THE BEST!!!!

Memories of Florida.  Sandy beaches and seashells, swaying palms and golden citrus picked right from the tree and eaten out of hand.  Boxes full of sunny Oranges and Grapefruit were sent back home as cherished souvenirs that captured the warmth, color and magic of Florida.  We all have a desire to return to those days when life was simpler, when people stayed close to home, we hope to inspire you with gifts from Florida…delicious sun-washed fruits, flavors and foods all selected for you to give.  Share Florida’s treasures and traditions with friends and family.  Create some new memories for someone special.

We let nature do the work. We wait until she is done! Other citrus varieties from other growing regions are "forced" to ripen with gases and

chemicals. YOU CAN'T IMAGINE WHAT A DIFFERENCE TREE-RIPENING MAKES... until you have tried our select Indian River Citrus, Oranges and Grapefruit. Fresh, really fresh, direct from the Indian River Groves to your table in the shortest time possible.

Our fruit baskets, oranges, grapefruits, honeybells, tangerines, assortments and gourmet gift baskets are healthy, delicious and nutritious. You will be appreciated when you send a healthy gift for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chanukah, birthdays, corporate gifts or for any occasion to  family, friends, associates, and neighbors. Don't' forget to send yourself some sunshine.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We send only the finest quality and guarantee complete satisfaction with the quality of every gift purchased.


There is a $11.99 shipping charge added to each item that you order unless otherwise noted. It will show up on your Shopping Cart total and receipt. Any additional charges for delivery outside of the 48 continental US states or for specially requested express deliveries will be added charged to your account after completing your order including an additional $15 for deliveries to Canada.

Standard shipping is by climate controlled truck to the recipients local Post Office Distribution center and is then delivered by the Postman to your recipient. Average time is 6 - 8 days from day of shipment. Exceptions for regional or national/international holidays.


When you order, please make sure to give us your correct address and telephone number. Postal and delivery services will not forward, We can only guarantee delivery to the addresses we are given. Items ordered outside of the specified season will be shipped as soon as possible and we reserve the right to substitute a comparable variety. Holiday orders should be placed before December 15 for timely delivery. Please allow at least one week for delivery of items in season.

Every Fruit Tray is a Gift:

Your Indian River Citrus Gift from Florida is packaged in our exclusive fruit trays. Each fruit tray, which holds approximately 10 pounds of fruit, is a decorative box complete with a lid, ready to give as a gift. You have the choice of five sizes:

4 fruit trays-approx. 40 pounds of fruit
3 fruit trays-approx. 30 pounds of fruit
2 fruit trays-approx. 20 pounds of fruit
11/2 fruit trays-approx. 16 pounds of fruit
1 fruit tray-approx. 10 pounds of fruit

In each Florida citrus fruit tray, your oranges and grapefruit are carefully cushioned with colorful tissue. A fruit tray protects your citrus during shipping and can be used to store your gift fruit easily in the refrigerator. But, best of all, each individual fruit tray can be wrapped and presented as a gift of Florida fruit! For example, order a three-fruit tray gift, approximately 30 pounds of fruit, and you'll have three separate gifts. You may give two as presents and keep one gift tray for yourself to enjoy. Any way you choose, gift trays make sending and receiving a gift of Florida fruit easy and attractive!

How Much Fruit should I Order?

We suggest the following sizes:

For 1 person…2 trays, approx. 20 lbs
2 to 3 people…2-4 fruit trays, approx. 20-40 lbs
4 to 6 people…3-4 fruit trays, approx. 30-40 lbs
More than 6…4 fruit trays, approx. 40 lbs